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Ready to become meditative?

Why Mūla Rising?

At Mūla Rising, you’ll find education, guidance and support to help you learn the skills you need to help regulate your nervous system, feel safe inside your body and mind, and lean into your wellness more fully.


Our facilitators draw their skills and wisdom from many different schools, traditions and cultures, thus enriching us all with new, diverse and effective tools for our mental wellness toolbox.

We offer modalities like yoga, guided meditation, breath work, tapping, sound baths, dance or movement and other tools to help you reach your goal of becoming meditative.  We are always adding to our toolbox so we can share more options with you! So check back often to see what's new.  

Our goal at Mūla Rising is to support our community, YOU, in becoming more meditative, because we know that what we do sends a ripple effect into your daily life and we take this seriously.  

We are an inclusive community of individuals raising our consciousness, using meditation as a foundation.

Experience the Transformation of Changing your Mind at Mūla Rising

Mostly, because our brain's like it and need it. But also.. because 75-90% of doctor visits are for stress related concerns.

Meditation strengthens connections in the areas of our brain responsible for: 

  • muscle control

  • sensory perception

  • emotions and emotional response 

  • memory

  • speech, seeing, & hearing

  • decision making

  • learning / cognition

  • self-awareness

  • focus and attention

 The practice also helps to soothe the nervous system by helping you process and release the stored stress from day to day experiences.

What does it mean to become meditative?

To become meditative is to become familiar with..

Each of our mind's unique processes are an accumulation of adaptations and behaviors based on our unique life experiences. When we become familiar with OUR own process, we begin to connect to our inner being at a deeper, more conscious level.  Becoming familiar with our mind, allows us to increase our consciousness and create the life we want to live, intentionally as opposed to creating by default.


Reclaim your energy & rejuvenate in our beautiful Wichita Studio

Designed for relaxation as well as energy activations, our studio provides an environment to "practice the pause". Due to our ceiling and the floors being concrete, this space is very "grounding" for those doing energy work. 

We offer full support with props and guided meditation, yoga, breathwork and ecstatic dance classes that combine elements of ancient and modern practices creating a unique in-person experience every time.

Our Mission

At Mūla Rising, our mission is to support you from beginning, through enrichment, into mastery of becoming meditative.

In today's modern culture, we require mindfulness and rest for our brains  and nervous system, more than we ever have!


Come join us to practice the pause, destress, connect to your inner being and become more meditative in every aspect of your life.  


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