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How can we support you?

As a community member of Mūla Rising, you'll feel supported in your meditation and mindfulness practice.


You’ll discover ease in navigating what's tough for you as well as joy and inspiration to create. 

Join us in-person at our beautiful studio in Wichita, KS for meditation, yoga, and more. 

Membership Options

Choose the level of support you'd like to receive

Root Membership
Membership Option #1

Root Membership

Join the community with your flexible schedule

2 meditation sessions a month at our Wichita studio

Includes guided meditation and tea afterwards

A supportive community to lean in to 


Heart Membership

Everything in the root membership PLUS 

Bring a plus one with you to your 2 sessions

Priority registration for special events, workshops and retreats


Membership Option #2

Heart Membership

Bring a friend to start their path to mental freedom

Crown Membership
Membership Option #3

Crown Membership

Get access to ALL things Mula Rising!

Everything in the heart membership PLUS 

Access to discounted

 open meditation

 times in our local studio

Discounted rates on retreats, events and workshops



Q: What if I need to cancel my membership?

A: We require a 30 day notice to cancel your membership. 

Q: What is open meditation times?

A: You are able to book the studio space outside of designated class sessions for your own private use. 

Q: Do I have to register for classes in advance?

A: Yes! Advanced registration is required for classes, studio space is limited. 

Q: Can I reinstate my membership? 

A: Yes, but memberships are limited and once you cancel you are not guaranteed to re-enroll in that same membership. 

Q: Does my Mula Rising membership include classes & sessions with the other facilitators who teach in the studio?

A: This is something we are working towards in the near future, but currently your membership only includes Mula Rising offerings. 

Our community is
feeling the difference of meditation

“I had met Melanie years back very briefly. She is one of those few people that left such a lasting impression on me that I had to know more about her! Melanie resurfaced in my life just when I needed her most. As I had been struggling with the progression of a medical condition.


The guided meditations, the dedication and love she puts into everyone is second to none. It’s such a hard time for so many; so many struggling. Mula Rising has given me hope for humanity. It has given me a safe space and a wonderful community.


A place of belonging.. for this I am forever grateful. I am so excited to continue this journey of self growth along side these wonderful women and this community. Thank you.”

- Lana C.

" Thank you so much for making the meditation group. It’s been very helpful in grounding me with myself.


I’m starting to see the effects of it all. It felt like a culmination of my progress so far; where I went through this imagery of my inner self, stuffed in a bag like an air mattress and finally, after some time, I got out of the bag and was this deflated version of myself. But tonight’s session was me filling up the deflated version of myself with the love of people who have been supporting me and loving me, but also the growing love for myself.


I can feel my body wanting to rewire itself to be more comfortable with my own self and my emotions. The drive to really be my best self this year is in full force!”

- Cory W.

“I had not done group meditation before joining Mūla Rising. I have found Melanie’s approach very refreshing. I am a firm believer in mindfulness and I’ve learned new techniques to aid myself in meditation, as well as, a myriad of other practices.


I leave each session with new insights and useful skills I use everyday. Between learning breathing techniques, pushing my limits of sitting with myself in silence, Chakra cleansing and self healing I feel like I’ve raised my frequency of self-love, acceptance, and inner peace not just to myself but those I choose to share my energy with. Meditation had already saved my life in many ways, being a part of this group has only added to that and I am sincerely grateful and humbled.”

- Nic W.

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