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Retreat with Us

Ready to Retreat into the mountains and into yourself?

Ready to meet yourself at an even deeper level?

Our Wichita Mountains hiking retreat offers solace, challenge, healing, rest and rejuvenation. 

If you are ready to be in the supportive container with other like-minded people, we encourage you to apply to be a part of this one of a kind, all genders welcome,  retreat.

Our Wichita Mountains Hiking retreat is an opportunity to connect with your mind, body and soul, alongside other like-minded people in the beauty and support of nature.

This is perfect for the person who is ready to rejuvenate their energy, reconnect to their inner being, and reclaim their vitality through the healing beauty of nature and the bonds of community.

​This retreat will offer an opportunity to go deeper with yourself, so that you can learn how to self-regulate, become more meditative and open yourself to receiving.


We will be fueled by holistic, reiki infused food, prepared by Nourish ICT.  We will have meditation, yoga, ecstatic dance, hiking and more to support you in your process. ​We will also have professional photographer with us to capture our journey!


Come relax, unwind and offer yourself the luxury of the hiking retreat you always wanted!

"Food is medicine. Nourishment for our physical, energetic and emotional bodies is vital for each of us on our healing journey. As a holistic chef, I’m passionate about providing delicious and nutritious meals that will assist in the process of mind, body and energy cleansing." 

- Jamelah. Owner of Nourish ICT

Evoke your full potential.

Find yourself out in nature.
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