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Somatics / Meditation Facilitator

Sarah Yost, a somatic meditation leader and master life coach, specializes in guiding highly sensitive and neurodivergent individuals on their personal growth journeys. Her unique approach seamlessly integrates compassionate self-inquiry, the principles of the law of attraction, and the latest insights from neuroscience to assist people in overcoming common obstacles.

Sarah's tailored guidance is particularly valuable for those with diverse brain conditions such as ADHD, autism, C-PTSD, peri/menopausal hormonal changes, and anxiety. Her approach is known for its practicality, irreverence, and targeted support.

With a background in massage therapy, Sarah has expanded her expertise to encompass yoga, meditation, and multiple coaching certifications. She offers a variety of services, including group meditations at Mūla Rising, private and group coaching, exclusive retreats, and coach training opportunities.

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