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Tai Chi / Yoga Facilitator

Robert's journey into the realm of mind-body movement commenced in 1991 when he became a dedicated student under the guidance of Grace Wu. Over the next five years, his passion led him to travel to Asia, where he deepened his studies.

During this transformative period, Robert honed his expertise in Bagua, Taichi, and Shaolin Kung Fu. It was the profound breathing techniques inherent in Tai Chi and Bagua that piqued his curiosity about yoga and meditation. In 2009, he completed his yoga teacher training course.

Robert's dedication to sharing his knowledge led him to teach a Taichi-inspired Yoga class for students and educators. Later, he extended his outreach by offering chair Yoga sessions at a Retirement Home.

Notably, Robert has always been passionate about working with individuals of diverse abilities and those who are neurodivergent, in addition to serving the general public. His focal point lies in the fusion of meditation and movement, seamlessly intertwining the principles of Yoga and Taichi.

The result is a comprehensive practice that enhances balance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness for all who partake.

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