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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Facilitator

Meet Monika, a seasoned yoga and wellness guide whose journey spans continents, deeply influencing her teachings. With roots in Poland and 18 transformative years in New York, she brings a wealth of expertise to Wichita.

Her passion for yoga ignited in 2008, initially drawn to its physical aspects and later captivated by its profound spiritual depth and transformative philosophy. Monika's diverse skill set includes vinyasa and yin yoga, meditation, energy healing, trauma work, and massage therapy—licensed in both New York and Kansas.

Monika possesses a unique gift—understanding the physical body's nature and adeptly sequencing practices, unlocking new possibilities for practitioners. Her classes intertwine invigorating flows with nourishing stretches, creating a space for everyone to thrive and reach their fullest potential. Even newcomers to yoga will find guidance to explore their limits without pressure.

As a valuable asset to Mūla Rising, Monika's talent in crafting powerful sequences ensures maximum impact, fostering growth and empowering all to embrace their inner strength and flexibility.

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