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Meditation Facilitator

Meet Melanie, founder of Mūla Rising, a seasoned resiliency and meditation coach dedicated to guiding transformative journeys through intentional practices that elevate consciousness.

With over two decades of expertise in meditation, Reiki, and intuitive healing, Melanie specializes in supporting individuals through pivotal life processes, including marriage or partnership commitments, pregnancy, death, grief, spiritual remembering, childbirth, and other significant life events. Her approach nurtures emotional connections, guiding clients through their inner landscapes.

Drawing from a profound understanding of emotions and the mind-body connection, Melanie empowers clients to master meditation, unlocking transformative paths that reshape their mental and physical states, catalyzing holistic change. Her personal journey, enriched by over two decades of meditation's life-altering benefits, fuels her commitment to sharing its potential for positive change.

As the visionary behind Mūla Rising, Melanie endeavors to create a space where individuals intentionally connect with one another, themselves, and practices that raise consciousness, fostering transformative growth and unlocking their true potential.

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