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Yin Yoga Facilitator

Krystie is our in-house Yin Lifestyle Expert. She is passionate about sharing the transformative practices of yin yoga, guiding students into the depths of stillness, strengthening their connection, and fostering attentiveness to their body's needs.

Her journey into yoga began over a decade ago, initially for its physical benefits.

However, it was during her immersive Yoga Teacher Training that Krystie unearthed the profound essence of yoga in her life.

It became the space where her body, mind, and spirit harmoniously awakened, unlocking the innate power within each of us.

Krystie's mission revolves around offering top-tier yin lifestyle classes to restore balance to the hustle of daily life.

Through her classes in yin, restorative, breathwork, and more, she leads individuals towards a more connected life. It's time to embrace this path, come as you are, and awaken the dormant potential within.

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