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Join us February 4th, 2024




Are you ready

To Embrace Your

Are you feeling called to level up in 2024?

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What's your dream...

What is it that you really want for your life? How are you preparing to meet the moment for your dreams to become reality?
Next Level You is all about pairing nervous system regulation with strategic planning to create sustainable progress towards your desires so that you have a clear path towards your purpose. 

Your skilled facilitators, Melanie and Evy, will lead you through a day of immersive experiential exercises and guided sessions designed to unlock your inner potential. Explore proven techniques blending mindfulness, strategic goal-setting, and practical tools tailored to empower you in achieving your aspirations. 

Your Dreams Are Yours For a Reason.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself while mastering strategies that harmonize your mind, body, and ambitions. By the end of this transformative workshop, you'll be equipped with a personalized blueprint for sustained growth and fulfillment in every facet of your life.

What you can expect


Clarity and Vision for 2024

Gain a profound sense of clarity about your aspirations for the upcoming year. Through guided activities and reflections, you'll identify your goals, dreams, aligned values, and intentions—setting the stage for a purposeful and fulfilling 2024.


Mind-Body Integration

Experience the power of integrating somatics into tangible planning. Discover how to integrate nervous system-regulating techniques and practices that harmonize your mental and physical well-being, offering a holistic approach to your personal growth and facilitating a practical path toward your aspirations.



Rituals for Success & Actionable Plans

Explore personalized rituals designed for success. Develop actionable plans aligned with your goals and values, ensuring that you not only envision your dreams but also take concrete steps toward achieving them. Walk away with tangible strategies to navigate the challenges and joys of your unique journey.

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Purge and Plant for Spring

Embrace the metaphorical act of clearing stagnant energy, purging what no longer serves you, and planting seeds for growth in the coming spring. This symbolic exercise will help you let go of the past and create space for new beginnings.


Increase Confidence for Your Dream Life

Unleash your inner power to confidently define and pursue your dream life. As the workshop concludes, you will radiate the confidence required to create the life you desire, equipped with the unwavering belief in your strength and the innate capability to manifest your dreams into reality.

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Light and Shadow

Prepare to partner with us in co-creating a powerful, electrifying, empowering experience that will ignite your potential and catapult you onto a path towards achieving your goals.

Welcome to an immersive experience designed to access your untapped potential. 

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