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Ready to find relief from daily stress and the hustle of a "busy mind"?

At Mūla Rising, our mission is to support you from beginning, through enrichment, to mastery in your meditative practice.

Discover your own truth by learning to trust the signals your body communicates to you.


Meditation strengthens connections in the areas of our brain responsible for: 

  • muscle control

  • sensory perception

  • emotions and emotional response 

  • memory

  • speech, seeing, & hearing

  • decision making

  • learning / cognition

  • self-awareness

  • focus and attention

 The practice also helps to soothe the nervous system by helping you process and release the stored stress from day to day experiences.

An inclusive community of individuals raising their consciousness, using meditation as a foundation.

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Mula Rising

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Melanie Samo
Founder of Mula Rising

Melanie Samo is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, and meditation extraordinaire with 20 years of experience, based out of Wichita, KS.

Melanie values sovereignty, inclusion, and diversity.  She strives to be an active contributor in creating the world she wants to live in and for her children to grow within.

Reclaim your energy & rejuvenate in our beautiful Wichita Studio

Designed for relaxation as well as energy activations, our studio provides an environment to "practice the pause". We offer fully guided meditation, yoga and breathwork classes that combine elements of ancient and modern practices to create a unique in-person experience every time.

Our community is
experiencing the difference of meditation

“I had met Melanie years back very briefly. She is one of those few people that left such a lasting impression on me that I had to know more about her! Melanie resurfaced in my life just when I needed her most. As I had been struggling with the progression of a medical condition.
The guided meditations, the dedication and love she puts into everyone is second to none. It’s such a hard time for so many; so many struggling. Mūla Rising has given me hope for humanity. It has given me a safe space and a wonderful community.
A place of belonging.. for this I am forever grateful. I am so excited to continue this journey of self growth along side these wonderful women and this community. Thank you.”

- Lana C.

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We offer guided meditation, mindfulness & manifestation mastery skills through classes, workshops, and retreats.


Join our team to offer in-person and virtual experiences, because accessibility matters.




Literally, "root"; foundation




Going up, increasing, ascending.

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