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Melanie Samo
Founder of Mūla Rising

Melanie Samo is a dedicated Transformational Life Coach specializing in resiliency and an intuitive healer (Reiki). She is the proud founder of Mūla Rising Meditation Studio, a sanctuary in Wichita, KS, where she leads and instructs meditation practices.

The studio also offers a variety of somatic modalities, including yoga and ecstatic dance, facilitated by a talented team of instructors. As an entrepreneur and a devoted mother to six wonderful humans who serve as her greatest teachers, Melanie finds immense fulfillment in her roles.

Meet Your Goals

Melanie specializes in helping her clients meet their unique life goals by teaching them how to navigate their own mind-body connection, learning to embrace their emotions and by applying a compassionate, holistic approach to their process.  


Melanie values sovereignty, inclusion, and diversity.  She strives to be an active contributor in creating the world she wants to live in and for her children to grow within.


It’s her mission to help as many people as possible achieve extraordinary benefits through becoming meditative.

In early 2021, Melanie found herself lying on her back in a recliner, with minimal mobility, as she recovered from her 4th surgery in a 12 month period; but this one was different, it had resulted in nerve damage.

Out of hopelessness, agony, desperation and a desire for relief from the debilitating pain, she did what she knew how to do.

She meditated… 

...and it WORKED!

She experienced: clarity, newfound decisiveness, reduced brain fog, depression lifted, anxiety was soothed, blood pressure regulated, energy increased, not to mention, the tangible experience of her pain alleviating through her own doing!

Melanie knew that she was influencing her body, and her mind was also evolving, just from meditation.

It quickly became evident that meditation was the

“one thing” that made everything else easier & healthier. 


This was such an impactful experience, that it became the catalyst for her decision to leave a successful career in construction to pursue her “purpose”. Melanie enrolled in Jay Shetty’s Life Coach Certification School, the very same day.  She knew, if she could create these results, others could too!

While completing her education, Melanie began offering guided meditation for her clients, family and friends. This quickly and organically grew into a group of “regulars”, which evolved into a community, and inspired her to open Mūla Rising Meditation Studio, where she invites and supports others in cultivating their own relationship with meditation. 


She offers tools to help her clients learn how to manage their energy, process stress out of their body, heal and release their limiting beliefs and habits, while increasing their confidence and mental resiliency. 


Melanie Samo is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, and meditation extraordinaire with 20 years of experience, based out of Wichita, KS.


Melanie loves hiking, personal development and being an entrepreneur. She is a devoted mother to six humans who are her greatest teacher’s & her

greatest joy.


She shares her life with her best friend, and is always down for a good road trip to be one with nature.

She can often be heard saying: “we teach through the clarity of our example”, and “meditation saves lives.”

Melanie offers sustainable, skill-based practices to help her clients access their own resilience and inner aptitude. She encourages them to live bold, courageous authentic lives, achieving their highest calling, while using meditation as the foundation.

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