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Meet the Facilitators

Each facilitator brings their own unique background, knowledge, and experience to share with the community.


You can enroll in individual classes with each facilitator inside the Mula Rising studio by connecting with them through their individual links.


Melanie Samo

Founder of Mula Rising

Melanie is a Transformational Life Coach specializing in resiliency and an intuitive healer (Reiki) who possesses a profound passion for guiding and teaching meditation.

With an exceptional grasp of the mind-body connection, Melanie empowers her clients on a transformative journey from the initial stages to mastering the art of meditation. She skillfully navigates individuals through their inner landscape, fostering deep connection with their inner being, acceptance of their emotions with a compassionate, holistic approach to growth.

Having personally witnessed the life-altering benefits of meditation, Melanie is driven by an unwavering commitment to share its transformative power with others.
Her resolute belief in meditation's capacity to save lives fuels her unwavering dedication in assisting individuals in unlocking their true potential through the practice.


Krystie Pilens

Awaken Within

Krystie loves sharing the transformative and meditative practices of yin yoga; inviting students to delve into the depths of stillness, deepen their connection, and become willing to listen to their body's needs.
Initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits over a decade ago, it was during her immersive YTT experience that she discovered the profound essence of yoga in her life. It became the space where her body, mind, and spirit harmoniously awakened, tapping into the INNATE power that resides within each of us.

Krystie's mission is centered around providing the finest yin lifestyle classes to bring balance to the fast-paced yang energy of your daily life. Through her offerings of yin, restorative, breathwork, and more, she guides individuals towards living a more connected life. It's time to embrace living a life more CONNECTED life, COME AS YOU ARE and AWAKEN the dormant potential WITHIN!


Molly McFerson

Molly McFerson Yoga

Molly McFerson is passionate about yoga, art, and teaching. After practicing at yoga for several years, she earned her RYT 200 in 2017 at the age of 40. Since then, Molly has led numerous classes for people ranging from teenagers to seniors. Creating community and giving her students tools for reducing stress and anxiety are the primary reasons that Molly teaches yoga.


You can expect her to be a patient and supportive teacher who especially enjoys teaching gentle yoga, Ashtanga, and yin. Molly believes that yoga is for everyone and that wherever you are at in your yoga journey is perfect. Her day job is Director of Learning, Engagement and Partnerships at the Wichita Art Museum. She lives with her partner Jeff, their dog Sammie, and their cat Bubbles in a 103-year-old bungalow in Uptown.


Mindy Ward

Make Real Waves, LLC

Mindy is passionate about serving her community and sharing a connection through movement and music.


Mindy is a mother, teacher, guide, and mentor who is deeply invested in self awareness through music, movement and meditation, and sharing that with others. She started "Make Real Waves" in 2022 after her training as an Ecstatic Dance facilitator.

Mindy has experienced first hand the life changing benefits of sound and movement in both physical and mental health and strives to share that experience by creating safe spaces to practice connection with and expression of one’s self.

Mindy is a lover of music, dance, art and supporting local everything. When she’s not where the music is she’s probably working on her plants or searching the wilderness for some with her family.

Join the team

Are you a passionate yoga, meditation, or mindfulness teacher?
We are looking for skilled facilitators to join us in offering personal, guided meditation,
mindfulness & yoga
to our community.


Join Mūla Rising to offer in-person and virtual experiences.




Literally, "root"; foundation




Going up, increasing, ascending.


Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Last year, the Wichita community lost 92 individuals to suicide. 

This year, our goal is to connect 1,111 people with meditation, bringing awareness to how meditation effects our

mental well-being.

Join us for events throughout Wichita and in the studio to feel the benefits of becoming meditative & bridge the gap between awareness and action. 

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