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New Retreat Offering!


Ready to Meet

Next Level You


This workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve into the

POWER of One Guiding Word,

 setting a theme for the year ahead by walking with intention and creating a roadmap for your own personal growth and fulfillment.

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Immerse yourself

in a transformative workshop that includes guided meditation, introspective exercises, and a therapeutic art experience, all meticulously curated to breathe life into your intentions. 

Our skilled facilitators will  lead you through a day of mindful intention, fostering community connections and then we will integrate with our unique offering, SoulSynch.
The SoulSynch session, a unique fusion of meditation and ecstatic dance, holds the key to integrating your learnings into your physiology, paving the way for sustained growth. Additionally, our art experiences will amplify your journey towards

creative expression.

Limited spots available – come be a part of a morning filled with introspection, purpose-setting, and the creative process of shaping your guiding word for 2024.
Reserve your space today!

Intentions for our time together:


Craft Your RoadMap

Discover how a single guiding word can shape your year. As part of our art and creative process, our partnered calligrapher will elegantly transcribe your chosen word onto your personal art piece. Each participant will depart with their unique artwork, a tangible and personalized reminder for 2024, embodying their journey towards personal growth and fulfillment through the essence of their guiding word.


Embrace Your Potential:

Walk into 2024 with newfound clarity, a definitive theme, a closer connection to your purpose, and tools to manifest your intentions. Craft a year resonating with authenticity, growth, and fulfillment.


Connect With Creativity & Community:

Immerse yourself in a nurturing environment, connecting with like-minded individuals on a journey of intentional conscious living. Cultivate a sense of community and support while embracing this enriching adventure.



Indulge in Nourishment

Treat yourself to the exquisite offerings from Mokko Cuisine, renowned for their delightful reiki infused vegan menu. We will also enjoy matcha tea, enhancing our meditative nature and connection to our guiding word.


Integrate With Movement

Engage in a transformative fusion of meditation and ecstatic dance. Our unique SoulSynch session integrates your intentions physically, with a joyful, profound movement experience aimed at aligning mind, body, and spirit. Don't be shy, you will be guided by expert facilitators.

Light and Shadow

We are SO excited to co-create this transformative start to 2024 with you.

We can't wait to spend a day of self-reflection, intentionality, and the art of connecting with you as we usher in 2024!

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