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Yin Yoga




60 Minutes

About the Course

Experience the gentle yet profound embrace of Yin Yoga, a transformative practice that illuminates a unique path towards soothing the nervous system amidst life's chaos.

Yin yoga is excellent for cultivating pliable connective tissues and fascia, elevating your holistic well-being through the therapeutic touch of Yin Yoga.

In this serene, introspective class you are invited to explore the intimate relationship and connection between physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being, unveiling the intricate interplay between your physical, mental, and emotional realms.

Yin yoga helps facilitate a balanced nervous system and serves as a valuable tool in alleviating the stresses of modern life. Within our nurturing class environment, complete with essential props, allowing you to discover support and profound solace within passive, long-held poses. As you direct your attention to the rhythm of your breath and the nuances of sensation, a doorway opens to expand your consciousness, offering insights into your mental and emotional landscapes. Enriched by this immersive experience, you'll find yourself better equipped to navigate life's intricacies with grace and resilience. Secure your spot in this enriching journey today!

Your Instructor


Krystie loves sharing the transformative and meditative practices of yin yoga; inviting students to delve into the depths of stillness, deepen their connection, and become willing to listen to their body's needs.

Initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits over a decade ago, it was during her immersive YTT experience that Krystie discovered the profound essence of yoga in her life. It became the space where her body, mind, and spirit harmoniously awakened, tapping into the INNATE power that resides within each of us.

Krystie's mission is centered around providing the finest yin lifestyle classes to bring balance to the fast-paced yang energy of your daily life. Through her offerings of yin, restorative, breathwork, and more, she guides individuals towards living a more connected life. It's time to embrace living a life more CONNECTED life, COME AS YOU ARE and AWAKEN the dormant potential WITHIN!

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