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Ready to become Meditative?

"Meditation practices lead to long-term trait changes and neuroplasticity, including changing your default mood, reducing baseline anxiety/depression, increasing your ability to focus, enhancing relaxation, improving sleep, and increasing your overall happiness level."

-Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D.

Why learn to become Meditative?

Meditation offers stress reduction, improved sleep quantity and quality.

It improves our overall well-being and mental emotional well-being.


Studies confirms that meditation nurtures the parts of our brain that contribute to our overall well-being and it has the ability to psychically alter the structure of the gray matter of the brain. 


Meditation creates change at a cellular level. 

We utilize proven tools, methods and instruments in order to help you downshift your brain waves into a deeper, more restorative frequency allowing healing to take place in the body.


 This also maximizes neuroplasticity occurring within the brain.

Each of the techniques & exercises we use generate an experience that takes the work out of meditation, allowing us to help our members strengthen their mental muscles with no effort from them other than coming to the studio and enjoying a class.
It's like going to the gym for your mind and not having to lift a single muscle.

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